sun falir


~Set the Vibe~

  1. Put on some calm music you love, or use the Goddess Session Playlist above.
  2. Poor yourself something nourishing to drink (maybe water with cucumber, or tea).
  3. Collect your journal/pen, a candle/lighter/sage, your golden magic dust, and find a comfy/cozy place to sit.
  4. Light your candle and sage, clear the energy around you and acknowledge gratitude for this moment, for your breath, and for all the work you are doing on yourself. Begin to tap into your your senses, allowing your inner wisdom to guide you. Place a tiny tab of golden magic dust on your third eye and begin to harness that expansive, powerful, goddess energy within you.

wings murral


~Do Your Practice~

  1. Close your eyes and begin to connect into your breath. Start to take deep and nourishing breaths in and out.
  2. As you breathe in, harness that golden magic energy, that which connects you to your wisdom and your highest form of your goddess self.
  3. As you breath out, allow yourself to release self doubt and judgement.
  4. Take 5 deep breaths here in and out - each time starting to feel more embodied in your inner wisdom and strength as you breath in, and feeling more peaceful and grounded as you continue to release layers of self doubt and self judgement as you breathe out.
  5. Now that you are activated, focus on awakening and fully embodying your inner strength / wisdom / goddess energy. Bask in the vastness and infinite abundance of this light - this energy that is YOU and your higher self in unity. Imagine what it feels like to see yourself without judging yourself. Connect your mind, your heart, your soul, and your ancient wisdom within. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now, you are exactly who you are supposed to be right now, you are PERFECT...AND you are LIMITLESS! You have infinite power within you to do, to create, to manifest, everything you need/desire going forward! Let that sink in one more time: YOU HAVE INFINITE POWER TO CREATE, DO, AND MANIFEST EVERYTHING YOU NEED/DESIRE IN THIS LIFE!
  6. When you feel ready, open your gallery and view this new version of yourself, reflections of you standing in your light, your power, your strength, your wisdom, and your goddess self!
rainbow sun flair


~Journal it Out~

  1. After you have spent some time with your gallery, take a moment to reflect on, and process what you are feeling.
  2. Journal Prompts for Today:
  3. How are you feeling after viewing yourself in this way? What emotions are surfacing? Are you able to see yourself embodied in your goddess energy?
  4. What is one word that encapsulates the vastness of what you're feeling after seeing yourself in these photo reflections?
  5. Choose at least one photo that makes you feel empowered, happy, beautiful, strong, excited, light, or free, full of wisdom, etc. and download it to your computer and your phone and look at it each day, remembering that you are full of infinite wisdom and light!
  6. Don't forget to thank yourself for your bravery for showing up for yourself, and for doing this deepening work. Wherever you are in your journey, center yourself with grace, forgiveness, and gratitude.