About Me

Hi, I'm Willa. I am a Photographer, Sacred Space Holder, and Intuitive Guide.

Through the past couple decades, I’ve become acutely attuned to light frequency, and the art of capturing energy in photographs.

I'm an alchemist - turning everyday moments into magic! And here to spread LOVE and JOY on this planet.

I grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest, learned to speak Spanish during my 2.5 years traveling through Central and South America, attended Walforf School as a child, and I am a mother to my 16 year old twin daughters ~ sacred a role I cherish with all my heart.

I’m a joy seeker and I believe in deep connections & honest communication.

With love, Willa

Willa Kveta as a little girl playing in the mud

…..Full time Photographer since 2003. Photographing people since 1995. Learner of life since 1981…..

portrait of Willa Kveta in Santa Barbara, CA
Willa Kveta of Nalaya Healing on the beach in Santa Barbara
spiritual image of Willa Kveta doing magic