About Me

Hi, my name is Willa Kveta, and for the past 10+ years when asked "What do you do", I would respond with: "I'm a Wedding Photographer". But that description no longer encompasses all that I do because I've grown as an artist and a creative, and although I truly love photographing a good full scale wedding, I also love mixing it up and I've found that my photography has improved leaps and bounds since I started spreading my branches and shooting more of everything!

I'm inspired by the raw and real shit. I've never been interested in small talk. Fake perfect smiles don't do it for me either! Ever since I was a child with my first camera, photographing intimacy has always been my passion. I want to get in there, and actually SEE, YOU! My job is part photography and part psychology, and I love it! I hold space for my couples to be their most vulnerable and uncensored selves in front of my camera, and this partnership is what inspires every creative fiber in me!

In my non-work world, I am a mother and a wife, and I cherish these sacred roles deeply. My daughters are now 11 years old (yes they are twins) and my wife and I got married last year in Mexico, surrounded by our most cherished loves. These three humans are the ones that support and love me every day and who I cannot imagine life without! I’m a glass-half full kind of person, I laugh a lot, and I live for deep connections & honest communication. I was Latina in a past life and I learned to speak Spanish in this life while traveling for a few years in Central and South America after high school. Costa Rica is my heart's second home, so much so, that I've planted roots and purchased a plot of tropical jungle paradise. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (on an island) with loving parents and Waldorf education, I currently live in the American Riviera (aka Santa Barbara, CA), and feel most at home on any beach, but especially in the tropics. I can't remember a time that I didn't climb trees (and that's still a thing I do), play in in the mud (literally as a kid...and now figuratively as an adult in my garden), and cherish Mother Earth so deeply.

With love, Willa Kveta


…..Full time Photographer since 2003. Photographing people since 1995. Learner of life since 1981…..


From my own wedding day in Mexico↑ These three humans are the loves of my life!

If you're wondering...that's me in the dress :) My wife Brittany and I met on a dating app called Her. We fell hard and fast for one another and it was obvious to both of us from the start that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together! So much so, that Brittany secretly had rings made for us from special beach glass collected by my bestie and surprised me on our one year anniversary with the most romantic proposal at the very same spot on the beach where we had our first date! Of course I said YES, and one year later, on our two year anniversary, we had the most epic wedding celebration surrounded my our most cherished people on a beach in Mexico! Our girls (from my previous marriage) have two loving families and we are blessed to all be friends and co-parent together! Above photos by our friend Michelle Lauren.


Sara & Kyle

1 / 10

"Every vendor we hired had nothing but amazing things to say about Willa! After seeing her website and speaking with her, I knew we had to hire her for our wedding. She has an infectious and positive energy, it is obvious she LOVES what she does. She was extremely flexible, she helped us tailor our photo package within our budget. Willa has such a wonderful personality that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful. We would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a wedding photographer."

1 / 10