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If you've landed on this page, that already makes me so happy, because that means that something about my site caught your eye! If we're meant to work together, I cannot wait to create some MAGIC and make beautiful, intimate, heartfelt imagery together.

some favorites:

  • being barefoot in nature
  • fireflies
  • cuddling with my daughters ~ best thing ever
  • sunshine + rain combined
  • people who speak the truth
  • trees
  • traveling
  • dancing. i love dancing
  • being a wife to my wife
  • costa rica, and pretty much anywhere tropical, but costa is home
  • being a mom. being a mom of twin girls
  • cultures, languages, psychology
  • beaches. warm beaches most, but all beaches
  • the smell of damp forest in the pacific northwest after a rain
  • true friends
  • cozying up by wood stove fireplaces when it’s cold out
  • being different and a little bit weird
  • positive people
  • manifestation
  • sparkles, but the kind that are made from backlit sand falling through fingertips in slow motion
  • documenting genuine connections
  • tiny shells
  • speaking in spanish
  • being stoked on life
  • music. reggae, reggaeton, latin vibes, bachata, folk, etc
  • honesty
  • real connections
  • laughing. a lot
  • love. the kind that is super legit, honest, and open

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