Join me for this very special Ceremonial Experience.

(with lite mycelium medicine)

Come for an evening of intentional ceremony and prayer, as we journey with sounds and songs, into the realms of magic. A meditative and activating experience to open our hearts.

Prepare to enter a trance-like state, journeying with the music as we allow ourselves to vocalize and create whatever tones and sounds feel good to express, as we layer our voices with a wave of songs in devotion to mother earth.

Bring your rattle, bring your drum, bring whatever calls to you to bring. And come ready to receive some beautiful song medicine, release stuck energy, and send your prayers into the ethers.

Rough Schedule:

5:00pm ~ Arrival and Setup

6:00pm ~ Opening Ceremony with prayers and intentions

7:30pm ~ Sound Journey and Vocal Activation Wave

9:00pm ~ Veggie Soup and Integrative Sharing Circle

10:00pm ~ Closing

Suggested Exchange: $88-111

Want to participate or have questions?