~Set the Vibe~

  1. Put on some calm music you love, or use the Goddess Session Playlist above.
  2. Poor yourself something nourishing to drink (maybe water with cut fruit in it).
  3. Collect your journal/pen, a candle/lighter/sage, your golden magic dust, and find a comfy/cozy place to sit.
  4. Light your candle and sage, clear the energy around you and acknowledge gratitude for this moment, for your breath, and for all the work you are doing on yourself. Begin to tap into your your senses, allowing your inner wisdom to guide you. Place a tiny tab of golden magic dust on your third eye and begin to harness that expansive, powerful, goddess energy within you.


~Do Your Practice~

  1. Close your eyes and begin to connect into your breath. Start to take deep and nourishing breaths in and out.
  2. With each breath in, imagine yourself rooting into the ground, feeling centered, safe, and grounded in your body.
  3. With each exhale, release any tension, guilt, or anxiety that you are holding onto in this moment. It's ok if you can't release all of it, just focus, with each exhale, on surrendering into this moment.
  4. Now, begin to visualize golden light flowing through your entire body, pouring out of your heart and expanding into the space around you. Allow your physical, mental, and spiritual selves to join as one, tapping back into your goddess power. Keep opening, deepening your connection with the expansive and infinite abundance within you, your goddess energy. Bask in this cosmic bliss for as long as you wish.
  5. When you feel ready, open your eyes, sip your drink, and pick up your journal.


~Journal it Out~

  1. During our session, I asked you what it looks like to step into your goddess self, how it feels to embody her, and what is one way you can connect with her each day. Read what you wrote yesterday and then follow these prompts, or write down whatever is coming up for you in this moment.
  2. Journal Prompts for Today:
  3. Pricing Gratitude: What is one thing about yourself that you feel so much gratitude for?
  4. Practicing Abundance: What is one thing you want to attract into your new life?
  5. Practicing Self Love: What promise do you make to yourself today?
  6. When you feel complete, thank yourself for showing up and for doing this work. YOU ARE DOING THE WORK AND YOU ARE SO POWERFUL AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!