Featured In-Home Lifestyle Session

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"Let me capture the EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS of your EVERYDAY! For Individuals, Couples, Engagement Sessions, Friends, Families, Companies, Branding, and Social Media Content, etc.

Also great for Commercial Lifestyle Shoots!"

—willa kveta

How These Sessions Work...

I call these sessions, real life, enhanced. Sessions are natural and candid in nature and I'll help curate the experience so that it is both enjoyable and photogenic. I'll capture you in your natural happy place and it is always my goal make you look and feel your best, so that vibe is what shines through in your images! Need help figuring out what to do? No problem! I love working together to curate an incredible experience for you, so that we can capture YOU, being you!

Lifestyle Engagement Sessons...

What do the two of you love? What kinds of things do you like to do together? What makes you happy? Something on the water - kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, surfing, beach day? Relaxing at home listening to your favorite music, cooking together, or cuddling in bed? Something Urban - wine, breweries, coffeehouses, architecture, shopping? Something playful and silly? Do you have pets or love animals (like couple above)? I'm happy to help you plan your perfect experience!

Great for Social Media Content...

Whether you are an Individual, Small Business, or Large Company, these sessions are designed around YOU, to capture your vibe in an authentic way - providing you with tons of unique images that you can use for your social media platforms, website, and marketing materials. Toned to match your vibe! Quarterly and bianual discounts available. Scroll down to see more.

Family Sessions

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Photojournalistic Approach...

My style is all about capturing real moments within the directed poses. If you are looking for a Formal Family Photo, with everyone smiling and looking at the camera, I'll take a few of those for you, but my favorite images are the ones that capture the realness of life and your family in candid photos that tell more of a story and leave you with a lingering feeling.

Yes, you'll still look good! I'm all about finding the right angles and lighting that feature your best self, but I'm not necessarily going to fix every single hair out of place, because when I'm focusing too much on that kind of 'perfect', the moment is lost, and the photos don't have the same depth and connectedness as they would have!

I also kind of prefer a bit of momement in the photos, so if it's windy, embrace it, and I promise you'll LOVE your photos so much more for it! Wild crazy winded hair in your face (if capture right) can create some of the most stunningly beautiful images!

Location and Time of Day...

Timing: Most of my Family Sessions take place in the evening about 1-2 hours before sunset during 'Golden Hour', which is my favorite time of day for photos because the light is soft and wraps you in beautiful golden light. But if that time of day is not ideal for your kiddos, we can make other arrangements. Better to have happy kids than the perfect light! Morning Sessions are also usually good for lighting

Locations: I'm happy to suggest a location based on the look you want for your photos, or if you have a location in mind, that works too. If you're not sure if your location would be good for photos, just ask me :) Most Sessions take place outdoors with natural light, but if you're looking for a studio or in-home setting, just let me know.

In-Home (or hotel) Sessions are also wonderful for families and I typically capture these with even more of a Lifestyle Photojournalistic approach, capturing your family doing something you love to do together or just being present together in your own space. They are more intimate in nature and I find the outcome to be absolutely breathtaking. Please check out my Featured Lifestyle Session Gallery for examples.

Pricing and Inclusions...

My Family and Lifestyle Sessions rate is $1000 and includes 1-1.5 hours of photography and 100+ fulled edited, toned, and enhanced high resolution digital negatives in an online gallery for you to download.

I do offer discounts from time to time and pop-up Mini Sessions once in a while as well, so please don't hesitate to inquire if you're not able to afford my full price at this time.

While we're on the topic of price, full disclosure, I'm not the cheapest Photographer out there (nor am I the most expensive) but I've chosen my pricing carefully based on many factors including my cost of living, my 17+ years of experience photographing people professionally, my vast knowledge of lighting, posing, and editing, and most importantly, my utmost care and attention to detail with every photo I deliver. And I guarantee you that I'll give you 110% of myself every single time!