Featured Intimate Wedding

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• Venue: Hotel Californian • Planner: Soigné Productions • Florals: The Twisted Twig

Featured Intimate Wedding II

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• Venue: Santa Barbara Courthouse

What is an Intimate Wedding or Elopement?

The term Elopement confuses a lot of people because it used to mean something different. Over the past few decades however, Elopements have become more and more popular because they allow you as a couple to enjoy your wedding day experience without the stress, production, and cost of a full scale wedding, stripping it down to what really matters, the two of you, your love, and commitment to one another. Elopements and Intimate Weddings are intentionally small (0-25 guests), incredibly meaningful, and 100% authentically you!

You may be eloping, but this isn't just an Elopement...

THIS IS YOUR WEDDING DAY! This will always be your anniversary, and you will forever look back on this day and remember the experience you had. You'll never regret giving it just a little more attention, respect, and feeling the excited anticipation as you would any full scale wedding! And as your Photographer, I'll give you 110% of myself because this isn't just a job to me, this is my passion. Capturing love with all of the layers peeled back.

Let yourself dream...

If you let go of your feelings of obligation or tradition and really focus in on what you truly want your wedding day to feel like, what does that look like? Is it a wedding with 100+ guests, and are you picking out bridesmaids dresses and/or groomsmen attire, planning every pretty detail to perfection, and dancing the night away surrounded by tons of friends and family? Or is your heart pulling you in another direction? Listen closely to what your heart is telling you! I've photographed hundreds of full scale weddings over the years and sadly, many of my couples have told me that they wished they had eloped!

Want to have an Adventure Elopement Instead?

What is an Adventure Elopement?

Adventure Elopements take place in nature, far off the beaten path and away from the rest of the world, in a place where the two of you (and any guests you choose to bring along), can fully be present, focusing on the sacredness of your commitment to one another. Sometimes hiking and sometimes a helicopter is involved, so that your vows can take place in a location that is entirely secluded, remote, and full of breathtaking views! These weddings are incredibly special and I'll be there to document your entire experience, from start to finish.

How do we find/choose a ceremony location?

Most of my couples come to me with at least an idea of a location in mind, if not a specific location already picked out. But this is not required! If you're looking for a Santa Barbara adventure, I have lots of spots that I can recommend, and if you're wanting to travel somewhere spectacular for your vows, I have vast experience traveling internationally, and will help you find expert local guides to help us plan and execute your dream wedding vision.

Keep in mind, this type of wedding is not for everyone...

Here's the thing, your photos will be OUT OF THIS WORLD, but your dress and shoes will get dirty along the way, you might lose a few flowers out of your bouquet, it could be super cold, hot, or windy, or it might rain, and if the weather isn't perfect, you've got to be the kind of couple that would embrace the experience with open hearts. It's also important that you're compatible with nature. You don't have to be an avid hiker or nature person, but having a certain level of comfort is necessary. If you're terribly afraid of spiders or other animals for instance, this might not be for you.