Featured Goddess Healing & Empowerment Session

A Healing Session Rich In Medicine For Your Soul

(Includes ceremony, breathwork, Guided Meditation, CONNECTED SISTERHOOd, RADICAL SELF LOVE, MOVEMENT AND DANCE, empowerment, photography, expansion, depth, fun, Manifestation mindfulness, healing, and so much more)

This is a deeply connected experience, created intentionally just for you. This is not a photoshoot, it is an experience that is intended to awaken and re-ignite the Goddess within you. The experience is held within a sacred container that begins and ends in ceremony. As I guide you gently through ritual, meditation, and breathwork, we begin to tap into our deeper knowing, our intuition, our divine feminine power, and reconnect into our highest selves, our Goddess Selves.

We do this work together. This is a co-creation of energy, of expansion, and is deep soulful work. I am here to guide you back to yourself, to remind you how incredibly powerful you are, and to fully witness you in your most embodied expression of YOU. I am here to help you remember or learn to tap back into your power, to ask you to SHOW UP for YOU! And in doing so, you give me the greatest gift, of allowing me to capture this expansion within you and be fully present in your journey, as we honor YOU! You are so powerful! You are so worthy! You are infinitely abundant! And you deserve to be SEEN!

Every session in completely unique and designed just for you. It is an experience of opening up, allowing yourself to be seen, to take up space, to fully embody the wisdom that you possess inside of you. It's also for healing, and I am here to hold space for you to allow whatever needs to come through, come, so that you can fully experience this energy, and begin to release what not longer serves you. As your sister throughout all of this, I am here to walk beside you, support you in your process, and encourage you, ever so slightly, to take the next step, whatever that may be for you.

These sessions are for anyone who feels called to connect to their divine feminine power, whether in joy or in sorrow. I am here to honor your Goddess Self, however she is showing up for you. Do not forget that grief and sadness are powerful expressions of Goddess, and by fully allowing yourself to be seen in all of it, is what moves energy and allows for expansion. I have seen radical transformations happen and witnessed deep expressions of grief and expansive joy, and I am here for all of it! I am so honored to walk this path with you!

There will be time for journaling, creative expression, dance, intimate sharing, and so much more, as we move through the session guided by our breath and powerful music selected to take us out of our minds and into our bodies, into the nature around us, and into the spiritual realm where wild expansion and radical self love is all that exists.

What is a Goddess Healing & Empowerment Session?

In short, it is an experience that will help you tap into your most embodied version of yourself, allowing you to open up, harness your infinite power, and connect you to your highest self.

Think of this experience like a privately led women’s retreat just for you. As I connect into your energy, I will intuitively guide you with utmost care, encouraging you to delve as deep as you are able. Here are some things your session may include: photography (most always), dance, reiki, music, breath work, ritual and ceremony, massage, guidance, journaling, honest and raw emotions, nudity, nature, plant medicine, intimate sharing, and more. It is a safe space intended for expansion, healing, and spiritual growth.

What makes this experience different from a photoshoot?

This experience is all about coming back to yourself, back to your breath, back to your inner knowing, back to the Empowered GODDESS that lives within you and allowing HER to SHOW UP and BE SEEN!

Session are individually and intentionally designed just for you. We begin and end our work together in ceremony, weaving guided meditation, movement, and breathwork throughout, allowing time for expansion, reflection, journaling, and more. We create and move energy together. We do the work together. I help guide you back to your highest self, and in doing so, I embody my highest, most connected self. I witness you in your expansion, and in photographs, mirror back to you the Goddess I see in you.

Pricing and what's included in a Goddess Session:

Lunar Cycle Experience - A Month-Long Journey


Sun Cycle Experience - A One-Day Journey


"My heart feels like it has been lit on fire. The kind of fire that calls people to sing and dance around it. I feel like running through the streets and showing every single person I encounter the pictures and saying “look! This is me! This is the most ME, I’ve ever seen myself,

aren’t I DIVINE?!"

"I’m in recovery from a lifetime of playing small and hiding myself and this experience with Willa feels like an initiation, a rite of passage as I embrace my inner Goddess and embody her so the world may get to know her too. Looking through these images has fundamentally changed the way I see myself. I will no longer pick myself apart and let my inner critic’s voice speak the loudest."

"I knew from how empowered I felt during the session that regardless of how the pictures came out Willa and I made magic, she helped set a piece of me free. Having these images to cherish for a lifetime is the icing on the sweetest cake I’ve ever had! There are not enough words in the English language to express my gratitude for Willa"

-Mia (Virtual Goddess Empowerment Session)

"I am absolutely amazed at what Willa was able to capture in our virtual photography session. This was a new concept to me but I was excited to see how it would work. This was more than a photoshoot because it wasn't just about the pictures it was about the experience and I definitely felt that. Thru the computer and phone, we opened the session by clearing the space with sage individually, and Willa guided me into meditation to help connect me to my inner goddess"

"Once I was tapped in... she freely guided me into my highest self to capture my inner spirit. And after seeing the pictures she really did that somehow and the results were breathtaking. I've never seen myself like this and now I see a part of highest self that reflects what's inside on the outside"

"This Goddess Empowerment Session definitely helped me see me for the Queen that I am!"

-Queen Tasha (Virtual Goddess Empowerment Session)