Intimate & Elopement Wedding Photography

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Why I'm Passionate About Intimate Weddings and Elopements:

I love photographing Intimate Weddings and Elopements because there is a magical vibe that is formed when I spend all day focused on just the two of you, capturing your most authentic love throughout your entire wedding day. I see your walls come down, your inhibitions fade away, and you become more free and connected as a couple in front of my lens, and I get to capture that! Honestly, it's pure magic what happens, and I feel forever bonded with my couples after these incredible experiences!

What I Strive To Do Every Single Time I'm Photographing a Couple:

My goal always, is to make images that depict your love the way you love each other - the raw and honest way that isn’t just pretty, but pretty and real all balled into one. This day is YOUR DAY, so we'll do what makes the two of you most happy, and celebrate your love all day long! Your photos won't just be pretty couples portraits, but stories that will forever solidify this, your wedding day, as an incredible gift to each other, where your emotions are extremely heightened, your love is thick and luscious, and you can’t imagine a better day spent together! 

After 10+ years of photographing full-scale weddings with 100-300 guests, here are my thoughts...

Listen to your hearts and really ask yourselves what kind of wedding day experience you want to have? Some of my couples absolutely love having full scale weddings, choosing all of the details, being surrounded by everyone they know and love, and dancing late into the night. But sadly, I've seen other couples who do not have this kind of experience, and they have told me that they wished they had eloped. I've been told countless times by my couples, that the stress of all the planning and cost of everything, wasn't worth it and that all they really wanted or cared about were the photos and to be married!

Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopements

(or anywhere in the Santa Barbara area)

What if we really just only want 1-2 hours of photography coverage?

I know not everyone is interested in having a photographer document every moment of their Elopement day, and so I do offer a smaller package for weekday Elopements (Monday-Thursday) at the Santa Barbara Courthouse (or any other location in the Santa Barbara area).

But just for a moment, I urge you to consider this: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING DAY! This will ALWAYS BE YOUR ANNIVERSARY, and you will forever LOOK BACK AND REMEMBER THE EXPERIENCE YOU HAD. You'll never regret giving it just a little more attention, respect, and feeling the excited anticipation as you would any full-scale wedding!

And I guarantee that there is a direct correlation between how you feel and what your photos will look like. I've realized over the years that to serve my clients and give 110% of myself, I'm not only a Photographer, but my job is also to help guide my couples to let go of everything around them, and surrender into their love, so that the photos really capture their true connection. And what a difference it makes! Just like with anything else, the more intention that goes into something, the more you get out of it. So if you're wanting to experience one of the most incredible days of your lives together, make sure to set that intention going into this experience.

This day isn't just any other day and you aren't just eloping, this is your Wedding Day! You're marrying the person that you're going to spend the rest of your life with! That's HUGE! Make sure to let that sink in, especially while it's happening, and you'll be so grateful you did! Not to say that this is not possible with fewer hours of photography coverage, it absolutely is, but I've noticed that more often than not, couples who spend the time getting ready and who are intentional about their day and the process, end up experiencing a day of MAGIC and their photos are breathtaking becuase you can literally see the invisible connection between them. And on the flip side, the couples who seem to treat their Elopement more like a business transaction and rush through the process, are noticeably so much less connected and their photos seem more dull and lackluster.

I hope you can remember to be present and soak up everything that moment has to offer, regardless of the photography package that you choose!

How much does it cost and what's included?

• Up to 2 hours of coverage with Willa Kveta - covers ceremony and portraits of the two of you and any guests in various locations around the property.

• Planning Assistance 

• 100+ Individually Toned & Edited High Resolution Digital Images delivered within 2-4 weeks of your wedding

• Unlimited Image Downloads 

• Printing Rights 

• Online Gallery Hosting for One Year (to view, select, print, & share your images)

Price: $3,000

(Inquire about any current discounts)