Commercial, Lifestyle, & Branding Photography 

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How These Sessions Work...

I call these sessions, real life, enhanced. Sessions are natural and candid in nature and I'll help curate the experience so that it is both enjoyable and photogenic. I'll capture you in your natural happy place and it is always my goal make you look and feel your best, so that vibe is what shines through in your images! Need help figuring out what to do? No problem! I love working together to curate an incredible experience for you, so that we can capture YOU, being you!

Couples Lifestyle Sessions...

What do the two of you love? What kinds of things do you like to do together? What makes you happy? Something on the water - kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, surfing, beach day? Relaxing at home listening to your favorite music, cooking together, or cuddling in bed? Something Urban - wine, breweries, coffeehouses, architecture, shopping? Something playful and silly? Do you have pets or love animals (like couple above)? I'm happy to help you plan your perfect experience!

Great for Social Media Content...

Whether you are an Individual, Small Business, or Large Company, these sessions are designed around YOU, to capture your vibe in an authentic way - providing you with tons of unique images that you can use for your social media platforms, website, and marketing materials. Toned to match your vibe! Quarterly and bianual discounts available. Scroll down to see more.

Featured Company Culture Session ~ Branding Sessions


What is a Company Culture Branding Session?

These session are designed to build you a portfolio of branding and social media worthy images that capture the vibe and culture of your establishment, whether it be a restaurant, brewery, hotel, storefront, tech or software company, farm, etc.

I'll capture ~ Your WORKSPACE, your TEAM, your PRODUCTS, your HEADSHOTS, your WORK ENVIRONMENT, etc., all stylized to match YOUR BRAND.

Why should I invest in a Session?

With the vast majority of marketing done online, with Instagram and Pinterest at the forefront of social media marketing, up-to-date content is extremely valuable for any business looking to be seen or grow their following.

These Sessions are also great for team building, non traditional company 'headshots', capturing the feeling and culture of your business, employees, and team.

What does it cost?

$750 - One Location - or 1+ Hour Session Providing you with 35+ custom stylized images, toned to match your company brand.

$1200 - Two Locations - or 2-3 Hour Session Providing you with 50-100 custom stylized images, toned to match your company brand.

$1750 - Three Locations - or 3-4 Hour Session Providing you with 150-300 custom stylized images, toned to match your company brand.

$2500 - Day Rate - Up to 8 Hour Session Providing you with 350-500 custom stylized images, toned to match your company brand.

Post Production - $50/hr for additional images Option to purchase additionally toned high resolution photos at $50/hr. for post production image processing.

Quarterly and Bianual Discounts Available

Pricing may be negotiable dependent on project