Summer is by far the most popular season of the year for blushing brides and grinning grooms to walk down the aisle and into a lifetime of wedded bliss. And understandably there is a great deal of nervousness that accompanies this sacred ceremony. One thing in particular that many brides and grooms find nervous is the idea of posing for the thousands of wedding pictures that are customarily taken at these events. However, as a photographer I can tell you that striking the right pose for your picture is not that difficult nor should it be anywhere near the top of your wedding day concerns. How do you pose for a wedding photographer to guarantee shots you’ll actually want to share on your Facebook page and/or place in your wedding album? Here are some tips for how to look completely natural in your wedding photos.

·        Relax your face: You do not have to smile broadly in every picture you take. Relax your face and be sure that you are ready before asking the photographer to take his/her photo.

·        Smile with your eyes: A broad, toothy grin is not the only way to demonstrate joy and contentment. Remember that the eyes can also be very expressive.

·        Try to act natural: Don’t “pose” for every shot. Hold hands and walk, sit close to one another and talk and engage in other natural situations.

·        Watch your posture: Posture is very important when it comes to posing. This is why professional models are always aware of and work on their posture. If you slouch you will not look happy or contented. Also, remember that even if you demonstrate correct posture it does not mean that you have to come off as being stiff or unnatural.

·        Mind your arm placement: It is natural to want to place your arms by your side when posing. However, this can sometimes make for an unnatural looking position pose. Instead, interlock arms, hold hands, lift our arms ever so slightly away from your body, etc.

Ultimately, every couple is different, and every couple has a story. Well taken and well posed photos help relay that story to others. Follow the above tips and ask your photographer for more advice on how you can be the very best subject you can be on this most special of occasions. If you are one of those blushing brides or grinning grooms who will soon be taking that walk down the aisle Willa Kveta Photography provides you with the best wedding photographers in Santa Barbara. We can also provide you with a destination wedding photographer who will be able to help immortalize this day.