I love rain…and I especially love Rainy Day Weddings! Living in Santa Barbara is so amazing and I truly love it here, but being originally from the Northwest, I miss the rain sometimes. Yesterday it downpoured for the first time in what seems like forever, and I felt so happy and alive! Rain is beautiful! It makes everything green and fresh and alive…and in Santa Barbara, you’ll almost always find a rainbow! Although it is rare, there have been a few times that it has rained during a wedding I’ve photographed and it makes for beautiful images! I know that most brides don’t dream of rain for their wedding day, but if it does rain, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing ever and the best part about it is that your wedding photos will be especially unique and potentially even more beautiful.

Raining day wedding

Imagine you wake up on your wedding day to the pitter patter of rain on the roof and instead of freaking out and worrying it’s bad luck, you think about what rain means, what it brings us, and what it represents. Rain means life – for without it none of us would survive. It brings new growth and rejuvenates life. And it represents so many things including life, regeneration, growth, freshness, cleanliness, and newness. Now imagine holding those words in your thoughts as you begin your life with your partner and make promises to each other in front of all of your closest family and friends. What rain represents is beautiful and if you think about those words as you step into your new life as a married person, your rainy day wedding won’t be a disappointment after all, and maybe, just maybe, you might even feel more excited about your day!

So I say, to everyone out there who has a rainy day wedding: let it be a blessing and get excited about it, enjoy it to it’s fullest potential, and know that you’ll have some of the most beautiful and unique wedding photos ever (especially if you’ve hired an adventurous photographer who’s up for a challenge!)

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