How the Corona Virus has brought us closer

Hey guys! I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel to have gone from having all of the excited feelings of anticipation after having spent months planning your perfect wedding day ~ a day personalized to you, making sure every detail was intentional and carefully selected, and then to have it all come screeching to a halt! It's heartbreaking, and you're entitled to feeling all of your feelings! I want you to know that if you're hurting, or feeling sad, it's ok. It's ok to feel disheartened, like you got the wind knocked out of you. You did! This thing, it STOPPED the world!

But in other ways, have you begun to feel the immense deliciousness of humanity that has started to seep into every aspect of our daily lives? I'm starting to see people open up in ways that I've never experienced before. Chief executives who used to act superior and all-business all the time, now asking how my kids are doing, how I'm feeling emotionally. And I've realized that I can also be more connected, more personal, and more open with my clients too! It's crazy how busy life can feel, ALL THE TIME, until we start to truly listen. Listen to the wisdom that the earth is sharing with us right now. If we really listen, and REMEMBER, I think this world will be changed, in the most positive ways, forever. I'm excited for this growth, this expansion, this connectedness.

As the kind of photographer that I am, I seek connectedness, the rawness, the beauty, the realness of the moment. I think that's what I love most about photographing couples who feel so deeply in love. The connection between most couples in this phase of life, is almost palatable. I love it. But you know what? It doesn't have to be just super in-love couples. What I really yearn for is truth. If it's sadness, if it's heartbreak, if it's silence, or pain - these are all real moments of life and if you're seeking to capture a different mood, one that isn't necessarily as giggly and perfect as love can be, I would be deeply honored to capture you in any season of your life. Individually, how you connect to that energy, or as a couple or family - if you're going through something together, connecting into that energy, and capturing these moments in time, can be so therapeutic for many of my clients. I invite you in, to ask me more questions, if you are interested in exploring this further.

This is a crazy time we're in. I have had many moments of sadness, fear, nervousness, heartbreak, overwhelm, but I have also had so many moments of joy, peace, gratitude, stillness, connectedness, love, excitement, and I truly believe that all of this craziness, will lead us to something better, something more incredible, something more connected to who we truly are, making us better humans, better earthlings, more connected to all beings on this planet. *While still holding the truth that deep sorrow and suffering are also a part of this time for so so many, and my heart is heavy with sadness for those who are suffering great loss, or hunger, or helplessness during this uncertain scary time.

I want ro leave you with this great snippet of wisdom that I found so perfect for this time of Covid-19, from The Women's Collective on Instagram @the_womens_Collective. We're all in this together. I love you!