Unveiling More Of ME

My heart is exploding with gratitude for the overflowing support I received from my post yesterday. THANK YOU FOR SEEING ME! Today, I want to share more of ME - this image captures me perfectly as I step into my divine feminine power and acknowledge the sacred path that I am on. I’ve been introspectively focused lately on my own healing journey, growth, and upward spiral as an Artist, intuitively and actively defining what it is that I’ve been feeling so overwhelmingly called to do/create.

For years, Wedding Photography has dominated my work and I’ve loved capturing so many incredible moments and beautiful photos of my amazing couples. Weddings will continue to be a part of the work that I do, but there is so much more! My work has always been about ENERGY, and as I begin this unveiling of myself, I see the depth of what that means. Helping woman step into their power, as I step into mine, co-creating an energy force that transcends photography, busting up blockages, tearing down walls, opening hearts and tapping into our divine feminine POWER, THIS is the WORK I was born to do!

My offerings include ceremony, breath work, guided meditation, coaching, and more. I’m ready to go as deep as you want to go.

In @miayogalove words following her Empowered Goddess Session: “My heart feels like it has been lit on fire” & "I knew from how empowered I felt during the session that regardless of how the pictures came out, Willa and I made magic, she helped set a piece of me free”. THIS IS THE MAGIC! This is the co-creation! Allowing yourself to be fully seen, fully celebrated, fully loved - that is not something we women do enough! I’m changing that! I want every women to step into her power and find the healing she craves! Our work together is for HEALING. Whether you’re coming from a place of celebration, or a place of struggle or grief, this is about honoring YOU, where you’re at in this moment - because you are exactly where you are meant to be! I want to be a part of your journey. I want to connect with as many woman around the world as I possibly can, as I believe that my greatest gift is being able to hold space for woman to do this healing work on themselves. ✨🙏🏽

I feel most ME in my own skin, barefoot always, and in Nature. with muddy feet and wild messy hair. I wasn't always comfortable being fully seen, even by myself, and it is still sometimes hard for me. But it feels so incredible to honor where I am at, how strong and capable my body is. There is always work to do. Work on our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our relationships, or emotional states, or healing. That's the beauty of this process. The work IS the art of being human. Growth. Expansion.