Virtual Empowered Goddess Sessions

There’s so much that I have been silently working on these past few months. Expansive, transformative growth has been taking place within me and heart is bursting open with excitement as I share this sequence of images, as they represent the beginning of a new path. I’m expanding my work beyond photography, into working with energy and healing (which will include photography but is not exclusively photography). ✨

One of my new offerings, is a transformative healing experience ~ an Empowered Goddess Session - either in person or virtually online (these images were photographed virtually through my iPhone).

This beautiful goddess @miayogalove and I co-created in a virtual session of healing yesterday, from her home in Puerto Rico and mine in California, and I am in absolute awe of the magic that we made together.

Please reach out to me if you are wanting to do some healing work together. Let us lift the vibration of this entire planet as we connect into our power, our truth, our bodies, and our hearts. Please read Mia's testimonial below.

Thank you my love @bbauhaus for being so supportive of my transformation and journey and @nurturingnovas and for holding me in the most incredible tribe of woman whom I am aligned with, as my new self emerges, and @lunaliberation for your present guidance and beautiful reminders that I have the wisdom inside of me! Feeling so grateful for this life and this journey of discovery and unfolding.

From Mia (pictured here), reflecting on her Empowered Goddess Session experience:

As I finish browsing the library of images from my session with Willa, my heart feels like it has been lit on fire. The kind of fire that calls people to sing and dance around it. I feel like running through the streets and showing every single person I encounter the pictures and saying “look! This is me! This is the most ME, I’ve ever seen myself, aren’t I DIVINE?! (Don’t worry I won’t actually do that).

I’m in recovery from a lifetime of playing small and hiding myself and this experience with Willa feels like an initiation, a rite of passage as I embrace my inner Goddess and embody her so the world may get to know her too. Looking through these images has fundamentally changed the way I see myself. I will no longer pick myself apart and let my inner critic’s voice speak the loudest. 

I knew from how empowered I felt during the session that regardless of how the pictures came out Willa and I made magic, she helped set a piece of me free. Having these images to cherish for a lifetime is the icing on the sweetest cake I’ve ever had! There are not enough words in the English language to express my gratitude for Willa. You will not regret booking an Empowered Goddess Session with her!

A few more words from Mia about her Experience:

This image... this experience... I still haven’t found all the right words. It started with a synchronicity that led me to finding a home in a village called created by the beautiful spirit that is @nurturingnovas. She made magic when she brought a group of women ready to heal and love and CHANGE THE DAMN WORLD together. One of those women is the angel @willakveta who reached out for us to co-create a magical experience together. ⠀

From her home in California and my home in Puerto Rico we had a virtual photo session that was so much more than a photo session, it was a Goddess Empowerment session and I could not think of a better name than that. She empowered the goddess in me. I see myself so clearly when I look at the images we co-created. I can’t wait to slowly reveal more as this journey of the Goddexx continues to unravel before me✨ ⠀

Thank you Universe for all of the divine gifts you send my way in the shape of amazing people⠀ 🤟🏽💓🙌🏽✨