Are you planning to scurry off to some exotic beach, ancient castle, rustic village or other out of the way location to take your wedding vows? Does a local wedding seem too pedestrian for your tastes? Well, you are not alone. Many brides these days are choosing out of ways places like these to enter into holy matrimony. However, before you decide to jet off to some idyllic destination in order to tie the knot, know that doing so is a bit more complicated that planning a local wedding. Here is some helpful advice from real-life brides who have successfully gotten hitched in some of these faraway places.

·        Calculate the costs: If you plan to travel during the peak season you may get sticker shock from the airlines. In order to reduce travel costs you may wish to consider foregoing a June wedding and instead travel during the off season.

·        Notify guests well in advance: The logistics of a destination wedding are far more complicated than those of a local wedding. Guests will have to be given far more notice so that they can plan their schedules and decide if they can even afford to make the trip.

·        Hire a local planner: A local planner will know the language - if it is non-English - and will be more familiar with the location than you will be. Moreover, he/she will be able to help you find local activities, restaurants and venues that will enhance your special day.

·        See the venue in person: If you have the resources, you may wish to visit your planned destination ahead of time. This will give you a chance to look over your venue and to discuss with your planner and others all the arrangements.

·        Make sure your dress matches the venue: If you are getting married in a particularly warm climate, for example, you may wish to wear a lace wedding gown. This will also help make sure that your guests will be properly (and comfortably) attired.

In short, a destination wedding is a bit more challenging than a local one but many couples have found it to be well worth the extra effort. After all, this special day should be made as memorable as possible and what better way to do this than to marry in a location that you have fallen in love with. Another way to make sure that these memories last a lifetime is to hire an experienced destination wedding photographer. We are one of the best wedding photographers in Santa Barbara.