So, you’ve planned your wedding out to the finest detail. You’ve made all the reservations well in advanced, sent out all the invitations, etc. However, there is one thing that no bride can ever be completely ready for - the unexpected. Things can and do happen that can quickly send your wedding ceremony off the rails. Here are five emergency scenarios I’ve seen time and again, and how experts say you should deal with them.

·        Emergency #1: Wedding dress emergencies: Wedding dresses are gorgeous, delicate, and exceptional pieces of clothing that can seem to tear, stain or rip for almost no reason. For stains, you should make sure to ask the maker of your dress how to handle for such clothing emergencies well in advance of the actual ceremony. Also, make sure to have a sewing kit and accessories handy and someone in the wedding party – perhaps one of the bridesmaids - who can help you mend your dress on the fly.

·        Emergency #2: A drunk relative decides to say something inappropriate during his/her speech: You can plan for this emergency ahead of time by knowing which relatives will be inclined to overindulge in alcohol. This way you can keep them from handling the microphone.

·        Emergency #3: Your divorced parents begin to fight: The best thing to do in this scenario is to keep your parents separated. Also, always be cognizant of who will be sitting together at each table.

·        Emergency #4: The weather does not cooperate: As a destination wedding photographer, I know that the weather does not always hold up. This situation can be particularly vexing if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. First, you should constantly check the forecast on the days leading up to your ceremony and on the day of your wedding. Second, if you are planning an outdoor wedding you should always have a standby location ready so that people can quickly move indoors and so that your ceremony will not be completely ruined by Mother Nature.

·        Emergency #4: The children won’t behave: If there are small children in attendance, it is almost a sure thing that there will be some running and screaming at your party. Be prepared by having crayons, papers, Lego blocks or anything else that can keep them entertained. You might also consider hiring a babysitter who can watch over the kids as they sit at their table.

Finally, the best advice that I or anyone can give you for this special day is to try to stay calm. I know this is easier said than done but if you think ahead at what might go wrong you will be better prepared to handle these emergencies as they occur. This flexible approach can help you avert disaster and make your wedding the special event that it should be. So, if you need a destination wedding photographer in Mexico or some other lovely locale of your choice contact me.