Ellwood Butterfly Migration in Santa Barbara California

The Butterflies have arrived at Ellwood in Santa Barbara!

Elwood Butterflies Santa Barbara


Every year, Santa Barbara is so lucky to be one of the destinations for the monarch butterflies on their migration south. This is a picture I took of the Ellwood Butterfly Migration in Santa Barbara California, where I live.  It’s a magical sight and such a blessing to witness it ‘in our back yard’ every winter. Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day and the butterflies were out in full glory! I’ve always loved the Ellwood Preserve – my daughters and I take walks out there all the time – year-round, but this time of year is so special. Of course their favorite part after we saw the butterflies, was walking out to the bluffs and playing in the mud puddles. My girls always remind me how great life is and how so much fun can be had in nature!!! I’m truly blessed to have such incredible daughters!


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